It seems that a lot of people thought that this year’s MLB Playoffs would be boring, since teams like the Texas Rangers’ payroll is almost a 1/4th the size of the New York Yankees (highest in the league), they don’t have a chance and the same old, same old teams will be present in the World Series, they reasoned. If anything, we’re seeing that money doesn’t always equate into winning series’. The Yankees are down 3-2 in the ALCS, after winning last night against the Texas Rangers, and the Philadelphia Phillies are also facing elimination, trailing 3-1 to the San Francisco Giants in the NLCS.

I’ll admit, the bigger a team’s budget gets, the easier it is for the team to sign high-profile players. But at the same time, talent doesn’t directly correspond with success. The Rangers have shown that it is possible to make a franchise competitive no matter how little you have to work with (Texas’s 2010 payroll ranks 26th, New York’s ranks 1st).

Right now, I see the Rangers advancing into the World Series. If the Yankees win Game 6, Cliff Lee will start Game 7 for Texas, and Lee has a 7-0 postseason record. Still, the Yankees are always capable of putting runs on the board, so if their starters pitch well, New York will have a good chance at winning the series.

The Phillies aren’t in good shape at all. Down 3-1, they’ll have Roy Halladay on the mound for Game 5 facing the Giant’s ace, Tim Lincecum. I can see Halladay getting a win, but I don’t think the Phillies can pull off three in a row against a determined San Francisco team.

Posted by Tom


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